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Find out how students are improving their SAT and ACT test scores.

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ePrep SAT and ACT online tutoring

60 Day Free Access for ACT/SAT ePrep Course

AVID Teachers: ePrep is an online test prep course for students intent on improving their SAT or ACT test scores.  Expert tutors, via on-demand video, show students how to solve problems missed.

test prep"It's like having the best tutor available 24/7 to help me address exactly what I need to know."   Las Lomas HS junior

AVID ePrep SAT/ACT Program - AVID classes registered for the Fall Friday Online Fairs will gain

"Free 60-day Access"

to ePrep.  With Internet access teachers can easily integrate ePrep into their curriculum.  

The ePrep Methodology:  Test. Grade. Review. Repeat.

In ePrep, AVID students:
- take a series of short tests (25 min. timed sessions)
- Receive their grade immediately 
- Watch videos on problems missed
- Then, take a new test

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