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On your way to college?  What are the dorm essentials you will need?  Check out Dormco:

What teachers are saying:

"It has been a pleasure to have my students participate in the online college fairs and to provide feedback regarding our experiences. Your service is of tremendous value to my students, especially during such lean economic times."

Rebecca Farley
International Baccalaureate Diploma Coordinator
Foothill High School



Student Prep for College Fairs

Interests, dreams and ambitions.

online college searchIt is a rare student who has their higher education ambitions defined in their freshman, sophomore or even their junior year.  We encourage students to create a focus for beginning their college search by articulating their interests, dreams and ambitions.  To see Student Prep Exercises

Matching interests with majors.

Once interest, dreams and majors are identified students are directed to online resources that match the 1,600 majors listed with the 3,500+ four year accredited U.S. colleges.  Some listings relate potential careers that majors prepare a student to pursue.  At some colleges students can create their own major.  We encourage students to choose two or three majors that match with their interests.  Check out BrainTrack for matching majors with careers.

Touring College Booths.

Prior to the college fairs students are encouraged to tour the booths of attending colleges.  Visit their websites to investigate the campus, student demographic makeup, majors offered, location, etc.  If a student is attracted to know more, take the next step.  Check out colleges from past fairs at: Friday Online Fairs

Is this college for me?

Based on earlier exerises workshops are conducted to formulate questions to help each student determine if a college matches their needs.  To see the Student Prep Exercises