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"Successful fundraisers find a pressing need. 

Then, they find a product that fulfills that need."

ePrep School Fundraiser

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Raising ACT/SAT Scores - Raising Funds

What if you could offer families a service that is currently helping high school students raise their ACT or SAT scores?  And what if every online purchase of this service helped  reach the school fundraising goal?

ePrep is a test prep service used by thousands of students who are online taking practice tests, immediately receiving grades then watching tutorials on problems missed.

SAT and ACT    college test prep

ePrep delivers expert tutorials, available 24/7 that can coach students through all test problems answered correctly, guessed,  missed or skipped.   With hundreds of videos available on-demand, students can choose the lesson they need, when they need it (click on image). 

Developed over the past 15 years by a team of Princeton grads, ePrep leverages their most effective strategies for teaching key principles and strategies for solving test questions. 

ePrep School Fundraiser - Tell your high school PTA, school foundation or booster club that we are currently implementing online campaigns that serve both the needs of students and their organization.  We manage successful ePrep Fundraisers that:

  • Guarantee each student's improvement on their SAT or ACT scores

  • Automatically manages all transactions online

  • Reports and delivers funds to sponsor organizations

  • Delivers up to 25% of purchases as  1) a discount to families or 2) funds for the school organization

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