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What teachers are saying:           "It has been a pleasure to have my students participate in the online college fairs and to provide feedback regarding our experiences. Your service is of tremendous value to my students, especially during such lean economic times."

Rebecca Farley
International Baccalaureate Diploma Coordinator
Foothill High School

Hosting at Friday Online College Fairs

  Virtual booths - No tables required.

college fairs

At Friday Online Fairs, college booths are up and running in two days.  Upon receiving approval from the admission department, a booth page is published and promoted to high school students across the country.   Class assignments require students to review these virtual college booths in search of schools that match their interests.  Beginning August 2010, thousands of high school students will be online at Green College Tour, surfing these sites. 

Visit virtual college booths from previous fairs at: Online College Fair

Check out the schedule for the upcoming Friday Online Fairs:  Booth Registration

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