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SAT/ACT Online Tutor - Available 24/7

Attention High School Students.                 

What if you had an expert tutor, available 24/7, who would coach you through eSAT and ACT  college test prepach problem missed on a sample SAT or ACT test?  And what if this expert would patiently repeat demonstrations until you master each problem?  Students are using our online self-paced system to improve their SAT/ACT scores.  

Test. Grade. Review. Repeat.  

Take a section of a sample test, enter your answers, then immediately receive your score and a report on each problem.  Click on the video clip for each problem you missed to watch your tutor show you how to determine the right answer.

Immediately you will receive: (take the tour)

  • your score

  • the problems you missed and the problems you got right 

  • how to solve problems missed (you can also review problems you got right)

  • Take the test section again (with similar problems)